Aqueous Epitaxial Growth of {ZnO} on Single Crystalline Au Microplates


Joo, John H, Kathryn J Greenberg, Mor Baram, David R Clarke, and Evelyn L Hu. 2013. “Aqueous Epitaxial Growth of {ZnO} on Single Crystalline Au Microplates.” Crystal Growth & Design 13: 986–991.


Epitaxial {ZnO} thin films were grown on single crystalline Au microplates from an aqueous solution at 90 {°C.} The composite structures were approximately 100 ?m wide. The epitaxial {ZnO} films were smooth, continuous, and several micrometers thick. We examined the epitaxial relationship between the {ZnO} and Au through scanning electron microscopy, electron backscatter diffraction, high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, and electron diffraction and demonstrated control over the resulting film morphology through the kinetics of growth. An epitaxial relationship of {ZnO[11?00](0002)?Au[21?1?](111)} was dominant in the structures.