Andrew (Andy) Greenspon

Ph.D. Candidate
Optical Behavior of two-dimensional Molybdenum Disulfide Interfaced with near-UV lasing gallium nitride microdisks
Development of robust lanthanide emitters in polyelectrolyte thin films for photonic applications



B.A. Physics
Amherst College, 2011

S.M. Applied Physics
Harvard University 2015


I am studying the optical properties of the two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenide (2D TMD) molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). I am 1) coupling MoS2 to optical cavities for photoluminescence emission enhancement via the Purcell effect, 2) studying the material and optical properties of CVD grown MoS2 on alternative substrates, and 3) developing ways of incorporating light-emitting defects into MoS2.

I have also studied the emission properties of lanthanide emitters incorporated into varying environments for possible applications such as waveguides, optical cavities, and sensors. I can bind lanthanide ions to organic ligands to form a chelated complex to provide a uniform chemical environment for the lanthanide. I then use polyelectrolyte multilayers as a binding matrix for controlling the number and location of complexed lanthanide emitters on a surface. By varying the ratio of different types of lanthanides, I can controllably tune the color of the prepared films. I have studied the optical stability and properties of the lanthanides in this environment and characterized the structure of these layers.


9 Oxford St., Room 226, Cambridge, MA 02138

p: 617-496-3060