Lab Alumni

Ph.D. Alumni

  1. Dr. Andrew Greenspon, “Ultrathin Light Sources: Lanthanide Ions in Polyelectrolyte Films and Two-Dimensional Molybdenum Disulfide interfaced with Gallium Nitride Optical Cavities" - June 2021. Now with MITRE.
  2. Dr. Mena Gadalla, “ Nanophotonic Resonators for Quantum Information and Refractory Plasmonics Applications” - May 2021. Now with Lightmatter. 
  3.  Dr. Danqing Wang, “Low Threshold Lasing in Gallium Nitride based Microcavities” - April 2019. Now with Facebook. 
  4. Dr. Alex Zhang, “Photonic Nanostructures for Solid-State Spins in Silicon Carbide” - May 2018. Now with MIT Lincoln Labs. 
  5.  Dr. David Bracher, “Development of Photonic Crystal Cavities to Enhance Point Defect Emission in Silicon Carbide” - September 2017. Now with Illumina. 
  6.  Dr. Christine Zgrabik, “Wide Tunability of Magnetron Sputtered Titanium Nitride and Titanium Oxynitride for Plasmonic Applications” - May 2016. Now with Johns Hopkins University. 
  7.  Dr. Katie Pooley, “Patterned Aqueous Growth of Single Crystalline Zinc Oxide for Photonic Applications” - April 2015. Now with IBM Research. 
  8.  Dr. Shanying Cui, “Near-surface Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in Diamond” - September 2014. Now with HRL Laboratories. 
  9.  Dr. Alex Woolf, “Low Threshold Indium Gallium Nitride Quantum Dot Microcavity Lasers” - September 2014. Now with Lineage Logistics. 
  10.  Dr. Jonathan Lee, “Fabrication and Characterization of Single-Crystal Diamond Photonic Cavities” - May 2013. Now with Intel. 
  11.  Dr. Tsung-li Liu, “Plasmonic Cavities for Enhanced Spontaneous Emission” - May 2013. Now with Element Biosciences. 
  12.  Dr. John Joo, “Aqueous Solution Synthesis of ZnO for Application in Optoelectronics” - May 2013. Now with Anomalo. 

Visiting Scholars

  1. Dr. Rodrick Kuate Defo (2020-2021). Now with Princeton University. 
  2. Dr. Diana Prado Lopes Aude Craik (2017-2020). Now with MIT. 
  3. Dr. Andrew Magyar (2010-2013). Now with Capra Biosciences. 
  4. Dr. Kasey Russell (2009-2012). Now with Draper. 


  1. Sanaea Rose
  2. Jason Hermann
  3. Brandt Marceaux
  4. James Mason
  5. Niamh Mulholland