Evelyn Hu *

Evelyn Hu *

Tarr-Coyne Professor of Applied Physics and of Electrical Engineering

Exploring new possibilities of optical and electronic behavior within materials that have been carefully sculpted, modulated and modified at the nanoscale. Creating low-damage and selective processes to provide highest quality & performance structures. Utilizing a semiconductor base platform, but also developing means of heterogeneous materials integration, including the use of bio-templating. Probing and pushing the performance of photonic and electronic structures.... Read more about Evelyn Hu *

29 Oxford Street, Room 112
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: (617) 496-1385
Mena Gadalla headshot

Mena Gadalla

Ph.D. Candidate
Silicon vacancy in 4H Silicon Carbide Optical Nano-Cavities
Plasmonic Performance of Refractory Materials
9 Oxford St., Room 213 Cambridge, MA
p: 857-928-5404
Alex Raun

Alex Raun

Graduate Student
Gallium Nitride Microcavities




S.B. Electrical Engineering
Harvard College, 2017
9 Oxford St., Room 226, Cambridge, MA 02138