Two-dimensional hybrid photonic/plasmonic crystal cavities


Liu, Tsung-Li, Kasey J Russell, Shanying Cui, and Evelyn L Hu. 2014. “Two-dimensional hybrid photonic/plasmonic crystal cavities.” Optics Express 22 (7): 8219-8225.


We present a 2-D plasmonic crystal design with visible band-gap by combining a 2-D photonic crystal with TM band-gap and a silver surface. Simulations show that the presence of the silver surface gives rise to an expanded band-gap. A plasmonic crystal defect cavity with Q ~300 and mode volume ~1.9x10−2 (λ/n) 3 can be formed using our design. The total Q of such a cavity is determined by both the radiative loss of the dielectric component, as well as absorption loss to the metal. We provide design criteria for the optimization of the total Q to allow high radiative or extraction efficiency.