Increased negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy centers in fluorinated diamond


Cui, Shanying, and Evelyn Hu. 2013. “Increased negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy centers in fluorinated diamond.” Applied Physics Letters 103 (5): 051603-051607.


We present a design of plasmonic cavities that consists of two sets of 1-D plasmonic crystal reflectors on a plasmonic trench waveguide. A 'reverse image mold' (RIM) technique was developed to pattern high-resolution silver trenches and to embed emitters at the cavity field maximum, and FDTD simulations were performed to analyze the frequency response of the fabricated devices. Distinct cavity modes were observed from the photoluminescence spectra of the organic dye embedded within these cavities. The cavity geometry facilitates tuning of the modes through a change in cavity dimensions. Both the design and the fabrication technique presented could be extended to making trench waveguide-based plasmonic devices and circuits.

Last updated on 04/01/2014